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Sunday, 29 April 2012

My hair is white

Yes, I accidentally bleached my hair white :/ Kind of...

 My hair was blonde and I naturally have brown hair, so the regrowth was a little tricky to fix. I left the bleach on for too long and luckily, instead of my hair falling out, it instead was just covered in bright white patches.
I was too tired to deal with it so I went to bed.

The next day I decided to even it out with a packet of hair dye I had lying around from when I bought it on sale, then never needed it.
It was called 'beige blonde' and I really couldn't be bothered reading up on it or what 'beige' even meant in the context of hair colours. The lady on the packet's hair looked nice though,
so I applied that to all my hair.

The number on the packet, which I should have read beforehand was "10.something" which to people who don't know hair colour, means really fucking light. So instead of evening it out and making the white bits darker, it's made the blonde bits whiter. So the colour goes down in a gradient effect from bright white at the top of my head to this weird light blonde/yellow at the ends.

 I think I'll have to forever wear it with a braid and just look like daenerys. 
I'm kind of thinking about dying it purple,  or pink, nt sure at the moment. At least it would be easy to do on top of this white now.

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