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Monday, 12 September 2011

Extending Poll! Xbox or Playstation?

I'm extending the poll to the right due to hardly anyone responding ):
I don't know if it was due to people not knowing about it, but no you have no excuse! :P
Please give me your opinions, click the one you prefer in the poll to the right in the sidebar.
Thank you!
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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Short shorts

 Sorry for my extended absence, a change in internet provider took 3 weeks instead of the 5 days they said it would ):
3 weeks without internet is a terrible thing, so to celebrate its return, I present to you:
Short shorts!
I'm getting excited about the upcoming warm weather in Melbourne so I'm getting a little ahead of myself with the summer clothing, but these shorts are too cute to pass up.
 The classic denim look is great for everyday street wear. I thought I'd also make a mention of the gorgeous bag she's carrying. It really adds a little more variance to her outfit and gives it a stylish touch.

 A break from the usual denim look, these shorts are a little more sophisticated and chic. The cute free flowing blouse is a great combo to achieve a relaxed yet very stylish and classy look.
 This is a great example of how casual street wear shorts don't always have to be denim. These nuetral coloured shorts will match anything, you can go for the fresh from the beach look or add a little more accessories to get ready for a trip to the city.

And for the guys, there are short shorts out there that are available to you too. For an example of how amazingly sexy they look, you should probably see the picture below:
Who likes short shorts, etc.

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Birthday!

I would like to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday with a belated post (: 
He's turned 19, and as a present, I pre-ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolution for him. The Augmented edition o:
I'll probably end up playing it too though... 

Who else is excited about this game?
Also, out of interest, new poll >>>
XBox or PS?

We've been together for 2 and a half years now and still going strong. We share common interests, like asians, gaming, clothes and together we hate the staple foods of our ethnicity: An Italian who dislikes pasta and an Irish(man/person?) who hates potato.
But not fries. Fries are awesome.

How could anyone hate fries?
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Saturday, 6 August 2011


I have a new found love for hats.
I recently bought a few unusual hats and I love wearing them on cold days or just to make an otherwise ordinary outfit a bit more exciting.

Beanies are great, especially those cute oversized ones that leave a bit hanging off the back of your head, along with cute, girly designs.
Berets are also very cute:

Look at this dog and tell me berets aren't cute.
Berets are also fit for humans.

These traditional Russian hats, Ushankas, are also very fashionable and super warm.
I love mine, I wear it every chance I get. It's so comfy and cute.

So so warm and fluffy (:

Then there are pilot hats. They are cute and warm on their own, but they reach a whole new level of awesome when you add an animal face to it. My friend has one that is actually a bear face, and that bear is also wearing a hat. It's so cool.
Mine is a kangaroo, because I'm so Australian like that.

Awesome bear! Unfortunately without a hat.

Kindo of like my kangaroo, but mine is grey.
On a different note, I just finished a series called Code Geass. I highly reccomend it if you haven't seen it already, it's really great and overly dramatic.
LeLouche vi Britania commands you, all of you, get a hat!
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Monday, 25 July 2011

I has a Facebook page!

Yeah I know, Facebook is evil and full of death but to remain in contact with anyone ever, we all must give in to this evil (at least until Google+ kills it quicker than anyone can say Myspace)

Here's my page, if you don't mind liking it, it would be ever so supportive (:
Thank you all for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it!
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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sexy Sleepwear

 Have a visit to this website for a huge sexy range of sleepwear. The material is so soft and high quality, I just had to share it. They're currently having a massive sale (most things are at least 50% off).

The name is SheShe designs, they use high quality silk and cotton for all their clothing. I just love them.
They have a French inspired style of  lounge and sleep wear that's so cute and sexy.

Their designs can be worn as pj's, lounge wear, sexy outfits or at the beach.
Have a look, even if it is to see the models in seethrough clothing ;)

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Yay, I'm back!

Hey guys, I'm back from Tasmania with lots of chocolate and cute hats.
I think I gained a few kilos from all the eating but lost them with all the walking.
The weather is so confusing - it's so sunny and bright, yet so so cold. It's easy to underestimate how many layers you have to wear :S

The Slamanca market was great. There were so many cute things to buy.
I'd share some photos of the hats I bought, but blogger isn't letting me upload pictures today ):

I'm glad to be back, even though it's still cold in Melbourne. I celebrated with a Harry Potter marathon in front of the heater (:
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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Here's one for the boys

Boys, we need to talk. And here's something to catch your attention:

I've been neglecting my male audience for too long (at least fashion-wise, I like to think I provide enough attractive asians to look at) Here are some outfits I came across and wanted to share with you. I would really love to hear what you think of them. 

 This guy looks so baddass. It's such an awesome outfit.

 The bright red is such a change from the classic suit colours we always see. I'm not too sure about the combat boots though, but the black shirt creates a nice contrast.

 This outfit looks really stylish but comfortable at the same time. I love the scarf and hat - it adds a cute touch to the outfit.

They're mostly winter outfits because it's deathly cold here in Melbourne so I wanted to share some ideas that can look great and keep you warm. I hate the cold, and for some reason I've decided to torture myself further by going to Tasmania (It's like a little Melbourne, but colder and more trees/incest) I'll be gone for a few days with no internet, so no blogging o:

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


So, here's a post dedicated to many different colours.

Some examples I've chosen have some unique, maybe even bizare colour combinations.
I like each of them in different ways. I hope you do too!

 A gorgeous splash of red.
Some cute blue and canary yellow, mixed in with soft green.
I love the striking blue and matching shoes.
It kind of looks like a raincoat, but I still like it (:

A patchwork of warm colours, matched with a cute scarf and sneakers. I feel warmer just by looking at it.

Army style. Matched with her striking hair, this outfit really works.

Rainbow! The backpack just makes this for me. It's so cute and quirky.

So there they are! Colourful and quirky street fashion. Most of these were taken on the streets of Finland - explaining the wintery look. 

I've also noticed that I've unintentionally picked lots of photos with tights in them :P I just love them that much.
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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Thank you ~!

I have 150 followers!

Thank you to everyone who helped me reach this achievement (:
Thanks for every view, comment, email, referal, thanks for everything!
Here is a cute asian as a small token of my grattitude:

And another:

And some awesome cosplay for good measure:

From the anime 'Panty and Stocking (with Gaterbelt)'

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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dear Spammers

Do you ever actually achieve anything?

Yes, I'm going to complain a bit, sorry, but people who spam links really annoy me...

One 'blogger' in particular, I won't mention their name, owned 5 blogs - this seemed to me like a task worthy of dedication and real passion and talent for writing.
Oh, I was very, very wrong.

It seems harmless, but apart from being annoying, It's really undermining the effort that went into the posts. I was reading a very personal and tragic online diary entry from one poster and most comments were heart-felt messages, trying to cheer the poster up. This is where I first discovered this particular spammer.

Their reply to this sad yet compelling piece of writing was simply:

'Lmao, followed+ [5 blog links]'

It is hard to properly convey the inappropriateness of the comment without reavealing too much detail.

More annoying still was that
each 'blog' contained unoriginal content (something that really annoys me), most just a regurgitation of youtube links. Oh, and each was absolutely plastered with ads.

Side note: Does anyone else get annoyed by Ray William Johnson and SxePhil being able to make a living off regurgitating the internet with little contribution other than pulling faces?


SPAM Classic, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6 ) 
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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I got all dressed up yesterday, with new boots, one of my favourite dresses and my old trusty tights when my mum informed me that I looked 'like a goth'.
I asked her why and she said it was because I'm apparently always in black. This isn't quite true. I'm mostly in greyscale. I definetely wouldn't call my style 'goth' and I thought I'd make a post to clarify.

Dressing 'goth' isn't really about all black. Similarly, a lack of colour doesn't make the style 'goth'. Greyscale can look smart and cute at the same time. Here are some examples of outfits that stand out, even without colour.

This coat is stylish a sophisticated, with just a hint of natural earthy colours with the skirt and tights. It's very suited for winter in the workplace or romps in the city. The next outfit is great for winter with the added bonus of being super cute.

I love the stripes, the frills at the bottom, the teddy-bear pin, the awesome hood and those cute eyes and ear flaps. There is nothing about this that I don't like! It just makes you want to go :3 if that were humanly possible.

This is a great example of splashing colour into a greyscale outfit. The necklace create a center focus and looks dainty surrounded by those cute white frills. I'm not too sure about the headband and the bag, I would've chose one or the other if it was me. But it's not, and she looks good, so this combo is still a winner.

This is a more casual look - for get togethers with friends or shopping trips or just being comfortable in general. Baggy clothes look cute, carefree and fun when paired with some awesome tights. Flats or heels go well with this outfit, but if you're short (like I am) you might want to opt for the heels so you don't disappear under that oversized tee.

This is one of my favourite examples. The dress looks angelic, sophisticated but so so comfortable. It also looks like it would be quite warm if you threw on some jeans, tights or long socks under it. The turtleneck and cute pom-poms really add the finishing touches on a gorgeous winter dress.

I hope I've shown how greyscale doesn't have to look drab or depressing - it can be cute and sophisticated. A splash of colour here and there never hurt anyone, but if you can't find one that suits your mood, it's not the end of the world. Black, white and grey can make some awesome outfit combinations!
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Monday, 13 June 2011

Internet, why?

My internet has decided that it hates me. Basic webpages won't load anymore, while others seem to be fine. I don't even. I've decided to make a blog post to distract me from my rage. But I just thought I'd share my feelings about it, because that is healthy and I don't want to explode later with suppresed rage.

I've been busy with exam study so I thought I'd share with you my choice for my highschool dress up day. For those who do not live in Australia, on the last day of school, students in year 12 (our last year in high school) basically go ape shit, pull pranks and occasionally break things in an event we call 'muck-up day'. 

Because we're all crazy Australian teenagers, some of us decide that it's really funny to fill up waterguns with piss and squirt random people on public transport or in the city. I don't know if it's the same in all the states, but the Victorian private schools are usually the ones to take it too far (Being that rich would probably piss me off to, to the point where shooting piss on people is the only release).

In an effort to avoid this, my school has created 'dress-up day' - a genius plan that was hatched when some clever middle aged teacher said, 'hey! if we get them to dress up all funny on one day, they'll totally forget about that muck-up day thing that's all over the news!' I have to admit, pranks are very rarely pulled on muck-up day at my school, but that may be helped by the fact that they hire security guards for the day and the principal holds an assembly where he warns us we'll be expelled if we dare to 'muck-up'.

So, the point of this post is to show you all the costume me and my friends chose. I'm pretty much midget height and almost all my friends are male, so most of the time I look like an oompa loompa, without the orange. You have been warned.

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Awesome collection

I had to share this super cute collection.
I love the way these quirky, vintage pieces are put together. 

I highly reccomend checking these out online.
Tell me what you thought of them in the section below.
Loved them or hated them?
Would you ever wear something like this out and about?
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Monday, 30 May 2011

Formal dresses

Sorry for the time between posts guys! My exams for Uni are coming up, so I might be a little busy.

Another thing that's coming up is my University's 'Law Ball', a formal event for the students in my course. This inspired me to make a post about formal dresses, and how they don't have to be boring.

My dress for my highschool formal was a lucky find. After searching and seeing the same designs over and over, I found this:

I fell in love at first sight. Thank goodness it was affordable, because I realised beforehand that I'd be wearing this dress on a few select occasions.

Here are some ideas for a different kind of formal dress for your next event, instead of those same boring designs you see in all the major stores. Some of these aren't available to buy, but they're great for inspiration for your next shopping trip.

This dress is great at creating a flattering figure. Ruffles such as these hide lumps and bumps, but the neckline is great at showing off your bust. The ribbon around the waist is cute and brings the piece together to create an hourglass figure.

This is a more cute and bubbly look. It reminds me of a tutu, but with the black lace and waistband to spice things up, this dress looks really amazing. I love how the lace continues on to form a strap, so that makes this dress different to the usual strapless cocktail dresses you see at formals and proms.

This dress is great for those undecided about whether to wear a long or short dress - have both! The ruffles are great at flattering your figure and the shoes you pick will get the attention they deserve. 

Overall, the dress you pick for you formal can be hot and stylish, without you having to worry that you'll get lost in the crowd of girls wearing similar dresses. These dresses add twists to popular designs, so you'll still fit the formal theme, while wearing something unique that you love.

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Get your stripes on

Stripes are pretty damn awesome. It's important to choose how you wear them carefully though. 

Vertical if you're short, horizontal if you're tall. That's the general rule to follow. However, stripes that aren't suitable for your body shape can be worn elsewhere, like on socks! For an example, look at my 'I live for tights' post - there are some killer stripey tights and socks for your viewing pleasure.

Vertical stripes create a really slimming look. This great dress is also successful in the way that it doesn't flatten the bust, but lets the stripes bulge out, actually making it look better.

Horizontal stripes don't always have to be off limits for short people. Thin stripes are usually easier to get away with, and look super cute.

The length of this dress allows for a lot of leg, to create a longer, slimmer looking shape.
Also, stripes don't have to be white and red, or black and white. There are plenty of combinations available! If you don't mind standing out, you could even go for a rainbow look. (Extreme bravery required).

Here are some good examples of less typical stripes:


I really love the rainbow dress in this picture. The white does a great job of breaking it up, making it cute and fun, not an eyesore of aggressive colour.

Striped accessories are always fun. Socks, ribbons, hair accessories and handbags are a few items you can wear stripes on. Try them out!

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