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Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Birthday!

I would like to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday with a belated post (: 
He's turned 19, and as a present, I pre-ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolution for him. The Augmented edition o:
I'll probably end up playing it too though... 

Who else is excited about this game?
Also, out of interest, new poll >>>
XBox or PS?

We've been together for 2 and a half years now and still going strong. We share common interests, like asians, gaming, clothes and together we hate the staple foods of our ethnicity: An Italian who dislikes pasta and an Irish(man/person?) who hates potato.
But not fries. Fries are awesome.

How could anyone hate fries?
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  1. Anonymous12:28

    Congrats to him from me!

  2. An Italian who hates pasta?!?! That would be like being Asian and hating rice.

  3. Nodding my head in agreement! Fries are truly awesome!
    Happy belated birthday to your boyfriend! ;D

  4. happy birthday ,and have fun


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