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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dear Spammers

Do you ever actually achieve anything?

Yes, I'm going to complain a bit, sorry, but people who spam links really annoy me...

One 'blogger' in particular, I won't mention their name, owned 5 blogs - this seemed to me like a task worthy of dedication and real passion and talent for writing.
Oh, I was very, very wrong.

It seems harmless, but apart from being annoying, It's really undermining the effort that went into the posts. I was reading a very personal and tragic online diary entry from one poster and most comments were heart-felt messages, trying to cheer the poster up. This is where I first discovered this particular spammer.

Their reply to this sad yet compelling piece of writing was simply:

'Lmao, followed+ [5 blog links]'

It is hard to properly convey the inappropriateness of the comment without reavealing too much detail.

More annoying still was that
each 'blog' contained unoriginal content (something that really annoys me), most just a regurgitation of youtube links. Oh, and each was absolutely plastered with ads.

Side note: Does anyone else get annoyed by Ray William Johnson and SxePhil being able to make a living off regurgitating the internet with little contribution other than pulling faces?


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  1. Was thinking of leaving the ironic 'great post, + follow' but I thought it was a bit too obvious. I totally agree with you here. There is a lot of spamming I've noticed, and yes it is frustrating and uninspiring.

  2. Love the blog! :) totally agree, RWJ has the easiest job in the whole world..
    -.- +following! :D

  3. Anonymous08:31

    lmao followed

    hate spammers too

  4. Anonymous09:22

    Nice post with funny pictures.

  5. I noticed that actually, I'm glad to see I wasn't alone. Great post mate, seriously.

  6. I agree, I know for sure at least 1/3 of the people that comment my blogs don't even read it.
    I agree with the RWJ part but I think sxephil actually does something instead that just review videos.

  7. i hate these dummies as well

  8. good post, i agree they are annoying

  9. I know what you mean, it is really annoying...

  10. I really hate spammers too. They are the worst part of the internet along with people who sign in to just leave a mean comment. At least they get some happiness though. Spamemrs just confuse me.

  11. They may have their reasons, who knows?

  12. The spammers are just awful. Surely there has to be a better way at self-promotion. If you can imagine, it's even worse on twitter.


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